It's that time again!  Here now your Pammy nominees for Week 4…

1) "They say he was bitching about the fact… he was complaining… he was bitching… " – Lee Corso (via AA)

2) "These are unstoppable plays because the defense has no chance of stopping them." – Mark May (via David Purdum)

3) "Kansas won a big game today." – Brent Musburger on a 13-10 victory over Louisiana Tech. (via sctvman)

4) "That ball is loose, it's out there and just dangling." – Chris Spielman (via realtoddbruns)

5) "That Gilmore's a good lookin rascal." – Matt Millen (via sommeliermark)

6) "He's so dynamic, but he's one dimensional." – Chris Spielman on Devin Gardner. (via TNS_Red)

7) "When he makes a mistake he has the make-up speed to make up speed when he makes a mistake." – Pete Najarian (via adamchappelle)

8) "The first half of this one would crack mirrors." – Verne Lundquist (via CaptTouchback)

9) "The field goal is wide left and incomplete." – Dan Hicks (via jvapxp)

10) "It should've been intercepted once, it was intercepted twice." – Gary Danielson (via grayson_moore)

11) "They call him the paperboy because he always delivers." – John Congemi (via adamchappelle)

12) "They didn't just come to play, they came to win." – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

13) "A lot of people are too old to remember Fran Tarkenton." – Ray Bentley (via nauticalnatty)

14) "One of my favorite sayings: some guys make plays, some guys don't." – Glen Mason (via joelwtscherne)

15) "A great initial penetration by Fresno State, initially." – Danny Kanell (via joshnagel1)

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