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Here's all of your Pammy nominees for Week 12 after the jump, remember it's tied at the top between Gary Danielson and Matt Millen…

1) Gary Danielson: He's accurate.  Short, but accurate.
Verne Lundquist: Actually, he's about 6 foot 1 (via sa9273)

2) "You can put it on the boooooooard… YES!" – Brian Jones impersonating Hawk Harrelson (via crippenstation)

3) "You've been against Ohio State as long as I've been on this show." – Lou Holtz to Mark May (via AA)

4) "My beloved Buckeyes rolled against the Fighting Illini." – Mark May learning what sarcasm is (via schmuckalucka)

5) "Everything feeds off of everything else." – Glenn Parker (via realbjp)

6) "I'm just some slappy up here calling the game." – Matt Millen (via Bleacher Report)

7) "Is this the dagger dot com." – Anthony Herron after a late TD (via BrhodesHSHS)

8) "Well, he's a man." – Gary Danielson on Todd Gurley (via ryanohalloran)

9) "He looks like a player… in his uniform." – Chris Simms (via tycharkas)

10) "The Illibuck trophy kinda looks like a squirrel." – Brian Griese. It's actually a wooden turtle. (via shawndunagan)

11) "If you put A.J. McCaron on Texas A&M, he'd struggle." – David Pollack (via ralphdrussoap)

12) "When it's nice outside Jordan Lynch rides a bike to class. That's impressive." – Desmond Howard (via champ1192)

13) "It'll be a 38-17 game if Auburn makes this field goal." – Gary Danielson on a 34-17 game, inventing 4 point field goals. (via hashim_cole)

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Vote for your Week 12 Pammy Nominees!


It's not quite a Pammy quote this week, but I do have to draw some attention to this week's Ohio State- Wisconsin game on Saturday.  It was amazing just how much the ESPN broadcast put towards Montee Ball chasing the NCAA FBS touchdown record.  Now, this is a significant record, don't get me wrong.  However, as Rob Oller in the Columbus Dispatch pointed out, Joe Tessitore "seemed disappointed that a football game interrupted Montee Ball's bid to break the NCAA touchdown rushing record."  I would estimate anywhere between 700 and 900 references during the game towards Ball's record pursuit.

I blame Matt Millen.

See this week's actual nominees and vote after the jump…

1) " Not So Fast Midget" – Lee Corso (via jleimer)

2) ""Play action, Smith, wide open over the middle of the field, in traffic and that ball…picked off, 25-yard-line…no! Knocked it down!" – Craig Bolerjack (via DevsFan30) Que?

3) "Marquise Lee is the best receiver in football, including the NFL." – Eddie George (via chifan414)

4) "Good snap, good hold, shankadellic." -Matt Millen (via kylejgood) describing a missed FG.

5) "It's 41-24, someone didn't take their meds, this game is bipolar." – Mike Patrick (via sctvman)

6) "Allen Robinson got weird with 10 catches and three scores against Indiana" – Jesse Palmer (via JT_Moon)

7) "it's like you're playing a video game, but I can't find the button for defense" -Mike Patrick, obviously not a gamer (via MattEdMoore)

8) "John Simon is like the Everready Bunny" – Matt Millen (via McNealc31)

9) "The mad hatter got out-hatted…" -Gary Danielson (via ScottWoolf)

10) "You look at this guy & in a few seconds, you can see he's a football player." – Danny Kanell (via bubbaprog)

11) "It was 41-7 when Maryland scored an inconsequential touchdown….. to some…" – Rece Davis (via Josh_Batelli)

12) "You gotta save the football team, that's why they call you the safety!" – Gary Danielson (via sjwest86)

Vote for your Week 12 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5!)

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.