Vote for your Championship Week Pammy Nominees!


The moment of truth is here, the final week of the 2013 Pammies. Vote for this weeks' nominees after the jump…

1) "You've gotta remember, this is the #1 rated Aggie defense in this conference." – Aaron Taylor (via realbjp)

2) "Missouri understands now that they're going to have to score some points in this football game." – Gary Danielson (via sctvman)

3) Craig Bolerjack: "It's like hitting a sack of concrete."
Joey Harrington: "Bet that concrete felt pretty good." (via outsidetheboxscore)

4) "The most important part of tackling is making sure the runner gets down." – Matt Millen (via mikegarofolo)

5) "There's tons of reasons why Ohio is gonna win." – Joey Chestnut (via AA)

6) "Not so fast, Joey Hotdog!" – Lee Corso (via beaubishop)

7) "Franklin drills it… well, he didn't drill it." – Verne Lundquist (via sctvman)

8) "It was Devin Smith, number 9, who ended up fingering Haynes." – Charles Davis (via JimmyLobus)

9) "He's a physics major. How'd you like to share a test tube with that guy?" – Gary Danielson (via midniteride)

10) "He's a big strong kid from the waist down." – Matt Millen (via drnorriscamacho)

Vote for your Championship Week Pammy Nominees! You can only vote for one this week.

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

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Vote for Your Championship Week Pammy Nominees


The last week of the 2012 Pammies are finally upon us.  It's been quite the ride this season with the College GameDay crew giving us several moments to remember and Matt Millen taking up the mantle of those legends that have gone before him like Pam Ward and Craig James.  See the final week's nominees and vote after the jump. Final standings will be here Wednesday…

1) ""He makes his last statement for the Heisman, Calvin Klein." — Lee Corso (via shaner)

2) "People score points in football." ~ Charles Davis (via crippenstation)

3) "He runs through more players than a Kardashian." – Desmond Howard (via sctvman)

4) "Blood is very slippery in case you wanted to know" -Brian Griese (via sommeliermark)

5) "Incomplete pass. His hand was coming forward here.. watch…see, his…eh, i don't know. it's close." – Matt Millen (via chifan414)

6) "He's a rookie but he's got a lot of experience." – Gary Danielson (via sctvman)

7) "And now time to present the MVP of the award – of the game…" -Tracy Wolfson (via morganwick)

8) "Texas is right where they want to be in this game." – Todd Blackledge, as Texas has 3rd & 17 in own territory, down 21-17 (via fadhero)

9) "Every time we get a different angle, it looks a little bit different." – Brad Nessler (via fadhero)

10) "If these teams look in the mirror, they probably see themselves." – Verne Lundquist (via JohnathanKWeaver)

11) "Jim Mora could make Jell-o nervous" – Petros Papadakis (via CaptTouchback)

12) "I mentioned in the beginning, Texas is Texas." – Todd Blackledge (via AndyAReeves)

13) "Tennessee is a pretty good defensive team" – Andre Ware (via CaptTouchback) Tennessee allows over 35 points a game and is the 108th scoring defense in the country.

14) "Not sipping that beaver juice anymore?" – Desmond Howard to David Pollack (via mminnix74)

 Vote for your Championship Week Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5!)

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.