Florida could have actually used Tim Tebow last night in the Sugar Bowl as they got smashed by Louisville.  It's hard to remember, but Tebow was once one of the great college football players in history with a Heisman Trophy and two national championships before he became a human debate pinata.  He was there in New Orleans to watch the Gators defeat in person, and wouldn't you just know it that ESPN's cameras caught him on the sidelines!  Imagine that!  What a coincidence.

ESPN cameras also caught professional tearjerker Tom Rinaldi sharing this tender moment with Tebow.  The poignant imagery is certainly a fitting reflection of ESPN's enormous love affair with the perhaps-soon-to-be-former Jets quarterback.  All we're missing here is an emotional Tom Rinaldi essay on Tom Rinaldi sharing a moment with Tim Tebow.

(video remix via lafeiner & Jimmy Traina)

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