Last night's draft may not produce many NBA superstars, but it did produce a memorable TV moment we'll be replaying for years to come.  ESPN's Shelley Smith asked new Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers about Bill Simmons' position that he quit on the Boston Celtics.  Rivers replied by saying he would like to call Simmons an idiot, but he was too classy for that (which is confusing because in saying he'd like to call him an idiot on national television, that's basically what he did anyways, what a sly and sneaky move)…

Doc's son Jeremiah also lit into Simmons on Twitter with a series of heated messages to the Sports Guy…


Rarely do you ever see Doc Rivers (or his offspring) call someone out like that, and vice versa.  That's the rub with this Doc Rivers – Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Clippers three way dance that has taken place over the last couple weeks.  Rivers is so well-liked and protected by almost everyone in the media that he was given a free pass for basically working his way out of a rebuilding situation in Boston.  If that was another coach or player trying to force their way out and move to a better situation in a protracted trade saga, the reaction would be much, much more negative.  Just ask Dwight Howard.

So Simmons deserves credit for calling out what he sees as a spade here and not backing down once Doc Rivers blasted him on live television.  It would have been very easy to retreat into a corner and run back to safety at Grantland, yet Simmons took it on the chin and fired back.  

But would Bill Simmons have been so vocal and critical of Doc if it wasn't his team he was leaving?  If Simmons was the Milwaukee Sports Guy, would we have witnessed this epic draft clash?  Probably not.  With all of these factors involved, it's a situation that shows the complexity of the many different vectors of media today.  Truth be told though, it was the authenticity of where everyone was coming from that made it such a compelling draft moment.

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