Plenty was made out of Fox's decision to replace Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa with Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick for a Divisional Round playoff game this year.  Unfortunately for Brian Billick, he picked the wrong time to make a mental mistake with the entire country watching.  After Seattle's last ditch hail mary attempt was intercepted and the Falcons hung on for a victory, Billick said this:

"This win right here legitimizes the Seattle Seahawks as the number one seed and makes them the team to beat."

D'oh!  Of course Billick meant the Falcons, but yikes, bad timing to make that flub… especially right after being given a huge promotion by the network and calling a playoff game.  Daryl Johnston surely threw one of his weird looking jackets at the television in disgust.  It was reminiscent of this call from Chris Myers earlier this year.

However, it wasn't just that one sentence after the game as it was a rough afternoon for Billick overall, leading to comments like this from around Twitter:

Perhaps Billick's mind was elsewhere today?  This may be the lasting memory of him as an announcer as he may be leaving the booth for a return to coaching with the Philadelphia Eagles.

UPDATE: Via @WorldofIsaac is video of another Billick brain freeze in the closing minutes.  In this clip, the analyst suggests Seattle should kick a field goal and then try an onside kick down 6 points with just 44 seconds left.  It was a rough Sunday for NFL analysts attempting basic math.  

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