It's been a tough weekend for the UCLA football family following the tragic death of walk-on receiver Nick Pasquale on Sunday morning. During UCLA coach Jim Mora Jr's press conference on Monday, he talked about Pasquale, his life, and his all too early passing.

At about the one minute mark of this video, you can hear someone, later revealed to be a media technician, begin to talk on his phone. Mora takes notice and tries to ignore it, but eventually stops talking for a second before snapping and telling the technician to shut up and giving him an icy glare. Mora then proceeds to talk about how disrespectful the technician's actions were while seemingly trying not to absolutely lose his mind and have a meltdown.

Then, Mora *does* have a meltdown when the technician tells him to "go on" with his press conference, complete with kicking the technician out of the rest of the press conference and abruptly ending it. I think the most bizarre part is the technician saying that he wasn't trying to be disrespectful. Are you kidding me? Talking on your phone during a press conference is bad enough, but doing it while the coach is discussing a recently deceased player? That's a completely different level of disrespectful.

Mora can be a little too harsh at times and his actions might not be justifiable, but in this situation, the general opinion appears to be firmly in Mora's favor and against this disrespectful technician.

Story updated to reflect the occupation of the party, who was a technician and not a reporter as originally noted

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