The USA-Mexico soccer rivalry took a fascinating turn on Tuesday night when the USMNT pulled out a late winner against Panama. The win gave Mexico one last chance to clinch a World Cup spot after falling to Costa Rica. In some sort of Bizarro World twist, it's Mexico who should be admiring the USA's soccer heroics. 

Shortly after the USA win, the U.S. Soccer Twitter account quickly reminded Mexico who they should be thanking with the hashtag #YoureWelcomeMexico.

This probably would have sufficed in rubbing the whole situation in Mexico's face, but the U.S. account didn't stop there. In a Tweet which has since been deleted, the account mocked Mexico's effort and the fact they'd be collecting a bunch of frequent flier miles with their trip to New Zealand. 

Mexico spared through no real effort of their own. Now a chance to snag some frequent flier miles before the holidays with a trip to NZL!

— U.S. Soccer (@ussoccer)

The account then urged U.S. fans to root for New Zealand.

They then ended the night by promoting their new favorite hashtag, #YoureWelcomeMexico, in picture form. 

Well played by U.S. soccer both on and off the field. 

(H/T SB Nation)

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