The Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox were involved in a little bit of beanball action on Thursday in Detroit. Tigers manager Jim Leyland and relief pitcher Luke Putkonen were both ejected from the game after Putkonen threw behind White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez in the sixth inning following a grand slam. After the game, Tigers veteran outfielder Torii Hunter conducted this bizarre interview in the clubhouse, where he made seal noises in response to three questions and also answering "hot tamale" to one of the questions.

What Hunter was probably trying to do was to avoid saying something controversial that could get him a fat fine or suspension from the commissioner's office. You don't want to come out and say something along the lines of "we're going headhunting the next time we play!" or "I'd imagine it was intentional" and throw your pitcher and manager under the bus. So while Hunter's responses were extremely bizarre, the responses make sense…in a way, at least.

[It's Always Sunny in Detroit]

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