Chris Conte is a Chicago Bears safety taking blame for the team's last minute loss to Green Bay on Sunday. He notably had an interception go right through his hands late in the game and of course Aaron Rodgers beat the entire Bears secondary on a long pass play in the final minute. Furthermore, he's been something of a target for fans' ire throughout the season as one member of Chicago's porous defense.

While you can't blame an entire loss on one person (USUALLY), Bears fans took to Twitter to give Conte grief. Unfortunately, the collective fact checker must have been drowning themselves in a vat of vodka spiked Gatorade, because all of the Tweets went to the wrong Chris Conte, a reporter for WTVF in Nashville. A few selections…

Thankfully, the other Conte is taking it all in stride…

This is just another example of not only all of the problems with cyber bullying, but also with people being so angry and irrational, they can't bother to verify their ridiculous messages are even going to the right person. And we wonder why Jay Cutler deleted his account.


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