Los Angeles Times columnist TJ Simers should never be taken seriously. Yet, here we are. Before Tuesday's Nationals-Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium, Simers met Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire for the first time. The results were predictable, considering McGwire's past and the Dodgers' struggling offense (second to last in the NL in home runs).

I had never met Mark McGwire before Tuesday night, but I knew of his reputation and the fact he has struck out so far as the Dodgers' hitting coach.

So given the Dodgers' lack of power, I asked, "Is it time to introduce the players to steroids?"

McGwire laughed and I wondered why.

"You're funny," he said before finally adding, "No. No."

Could you ever imagine going up to someone, having never before meeting them, and asking them something as ridiculous as "hey, how about you give the team steroids?" 

Simers' column continues along the same route as his initial comments to McGwire. You need to give McGwire some credit for not lashing out at Simers and his obvious troll attempts, though.

I remember how much fun it was when Sammy Sosa and McGwire were hitting a lot of home runs. I thanked McGwire for providing those thrills and asked if he could still score some steroids.

"Certainly not," he said. "Can't, and will not. That is just no."

So much then for the Dodgers turning things around.

Once again, the double standard set by the media concerning steroids is alive and well. If Tim Raines were a coach on the Dodgers, would Simers have an issue going up to him and asking if it was time to introduce the team to cocaine? 

Wait, don't answer that. You *know* Simers would have some sort of comment about that, especially when you consider his troll job in the past of Marcus Thames, whose only crime was…well, nothing. I can't believe this is still happening, but here we are.

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