T.J. Simers T.J. Simers, the longtime LA Times sports columnist, has died at 73.

So, it's come to this: TJ Simers is suing the Los Angeles Times after leaving the paper earlier this year. Simers is suing the paper for discrimination and wrongful termination. Via LA Weekly:

The journalist, now at the Orange County Register, claims that he was essentially fired after 23 years at the Times because of his "complex migraine syndrome," his age (63), and because he was warned that continuing coverage disliked by onetime Dodgers owner Frank McCourt would get him axed.

Simers is also claiming that his bosses didn't want him to write about the Mattel Children's Charity, and instead talk about McCourt's Dodgers charity, and that his job was threatened if he discussed the charity of his choosing.

Also in the suit, Simers mentions that his bosses called him out (rightfully, I might add) for trolling Jim Mora Jr during a UCLA press conference last year, claiming he has a "public behavior problem" (which seems justified, given his history). He's also claiming that the paper gave him a warning about a script he was shopping about his life, which we discussed in relation to the now infamous Dwight Howard free throw video in July.

At this point, it's a lot of he said/she said. The lawsuit seems like it has some merit to it, but it could also be a cash grab and an attempt to kick his former employer one last time. I'd assume this ends with a settlement and no comment from either party at the end of the day. Given Simers' bombastic history, who could have ever predicted his tenure at the Times would end with a nasty divorce and lawsuit? 

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