The Minnesota Timberwolves suffered a home defeat to the Dallas Mavericks Monday night 100-98 thanks to a brutal no-call at the end of the game.  All-Star forward Kevin Love attempted a game winning three pointer and was clearly hacked by Shawn Marion, but didn't get the star call, nor the home call.  And the best part of all of it was that a referee was literally standing right next to him three feet away.  How could professional referees let that happen?  

[Insert Tim Donaghy joke here]

The horrible call at least gave us the gift of T'Wolves radio announcer Alan Horton blowing a fuse over the play with this classic soundbyte.

The way it alternates between calm objection and RAGING INFERNO is amazing.

"Referees are booed as they go off the floor.  BRUTAL!!!!!  David Guthrie is right there, he didn't have the guts to call it, also, OH ED MALLOY!!!!!"

The only thing missing from the call was a "nuts and bolts, we got screwed."

[SB Nation]

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