Who knew MLB on FOX analyst Tim McCarver was a Metallica fan? McCarver and partner Joe Buck were discussing New York Yankees' closer Mariano Rivera's entrance on the All-Star Game broadcast after the reliever came out to a standing ovation in the final Mid-Summer Classic appearance of his career. It was a terrific moment as players from both leagues stood and applauded, while Rivera tipped his cap from the mound.

In the aftermath though, McCarver decided it was time to try out a little spoken word. All Buck did to incite it was ask him what he thought of the entrance, but that was apparently enough to get McCarver to wax poetic. He proceeded to recite the chorus to "Enter Sandman", the song Rivera has used to enter games throughout his storied career. The 71-year old broadcaster turned 50 back in 1991 when the song was released, so maybe he was into it back then.





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