A funny thing happened on the Twitter account of NFL Insider extraordinaire Adam Schefter yesterday.  Suddenly in the middle of the afternoon, it appeared he had been hacked by his co-workers at ESPN.  Schefter talked about his joy getting the newspaper for fellow insider Chris Mortensen, being owned by Tim Hasselbeck at fantasy football, and being incredibly short.  It was glorious.

Hack job or not, that last tweet should be in the running for Sports Tweet of the Year.  Schefter's milk crate can go down in history with John Clayton's ponytail as mythical ESPN creatures.

Once he got control of his account back, Schefter called out the two men responsible:

Leaving your Twitter account open on your desktop with 2.5 million followers can be a dangerous thing.  At least Schefty can be thankful his co-workers are benevolent hackers instead of the ones we've seen befall countless athletes.  Hopefully Schefter doesn't quit Twitter like Tyler Seguin did over evil hackers.  Let's hope he's plotting a good dose of revenge.

How long is it before someone at ESPN hacks Darren Rovell's Twitter account and sings the praises of Richard Deitsch?

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