The Panthers easily dispatched of the pitiful Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football, driving Greg Schiano into a further state of paranoia and putting the Panthers above .500.  Carolina QB Cam Newton stopped by the Thursday Night Football set after the game for an interview and things got… weird.

The first half of the interview is quite normal, but once Deion Sanders makes a planned, self-aggrandizing joke to draw attention to himself things go off the rails.  I have no idea if this is a weekly thing or not because honestly, how many people watch the Thursday Night Football postgame, but the set then gave Cam two holiday gift bags.  The gifts included (what a shock) a Deion Sanders bobblehead and CD and a Warren Sapp doll because hey, it's all about those guys.  Then Steve Mariucci sang a hideous song to Cam Newton.  Then I wondered if this was all part of an Impractical Jokers episode…

Can we bring back the people in the hazmat suits to check for a natural gas leak in Tampa?  Goodness.  OOOHHHHH!!!!  A WARREN SAPP PLUSH DOLL!!!  OH NO WE DIDN'T EXCEPT WE SO TOTALLY DID!!!!

When folks complain about getting nothing from their NFL programming but a bunch of bad jokes and fake laughter, this is Exhibit A – an interview segment that devolves into incoherent cackling noises and becomes more about the analysts than the player being interviewed.  Cam Newton doing the Superman with the Warren Sapp doll was humorous, but it was not the funniest moment in the history of live television.

I blame the cannons at Raymond James Stadium, they must make everyone crazy.

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