The Columbus Blue Jackets are a professional sports team that plays in the National Hockey League. If you're a regular viewer of SportsCenter, you may not be aware of this fact. You're not alone, though. Not even SportsCenter's most dominating personalities are aware of this fact.

The NHL doesn't get much love on SportsCenter, and the Blue Jackets are perhaps the least covered franchise of the four major sports in Bristol. A small market franchise with no superstars (aside from Sergei BOBROVSKY) and just 1 playoff appearance in 13 years checks all the boxes for being totally ignored by SportsCenter.

The only way the franchise will get coverage is through unconventional methods. When college football analyst and CBJ fan Kirk Herbstreit appeared to talk about the Texas head coaching situation, he got a shoutout in for the Jackets' 5-4 win over the Devils because he and everyone else knew that was the only way they would ever be mentioned on SportsCenter.

Steve Levy and John Buccigross are two hockey guys and even they acknowledged the current state of affairs. It's pretty sad when ESPN's own people are discussing their own lack of NHL coverage on the air. If you are an NHL fan, perhaps it's best to stick to Fox Sports Live in hopes of a few highlights.

Kirk Herbstreit should commit to dropping random Blue Jackets tidbits in all of his college football reports to carry the flag for the franchise. Maybe later this week he can namedrop Ryan Johansen during a BCS title game preview.

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