Former Patritots and Raiders lineman Brian Holloway is currently embroiled in a very weird story involving hundreds of teens and red solo cups trashing his vacation home for a huge Labor Day party. And that's just the tip of this giant iceberg of weirdness. Hollowday has taken it upon himself to create a very bizarre, rambling website,, and collect social media records of who was at the party trashing the house. Holloway's website also includes his efforts to try to "save" the teenagers and makes many references to the scary, scary media invading the lives of the reckless teens and their families. This has caused parents of those partiers to threaten a lawsuit against Holloway, confirming entitled, lazy, awful parenting is one of the biggest problems this country has.

It continues.

Holloway himself isn't without questions. TMZ reported he owes over $1 million dollars on the home and it was in foreclosure and disrepair. Furthermore, neighbors are suspicious over Holloway trying to raise money to fix the home. As the story has gotten more attention nationwide, Holloway has been making the media rounds to tell his story. This weekend he was on Fox & Friends and took part in a truly bizarre interview.

Holloway appears in a New England Patriots jersey, not one he played in mind you, but a modern edition. He then shouts random things to his grandchildren at the beginning of the interview including Ninja Turtle references. As the interview progresses, it includes technical difficulties, the interview being cut off with Holloway mid-sentence, and Holloway throwing out random accusations about his neighbor being a wifebeater.


What the %$#*!! was that???

UPDATE: In more weirdness, Holloway posted his own version of the Fox News interview from behind the scenes.  It only features his answers and the portion that Fox News cut out.  It's titled "Don't Bow Down! The interview that FOX Would NOT SHOW!!!"  (H/T thesteveking)

Taping his own nationally televised interview and putting it on YouTube?  I've never seen that happen before.  Again… What the %$#*!! was that???

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