Keith Olbermann returned to SportsCenter last night for the first time in over 15 years, delivering an essay on Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.  After the show returned to the Bristol set, anchor John Buccigross gave a random, yet awesome shoutout to former SportsCenter anchor Bill Pidto.

That sent a strange warming sense of nostalgia through those of us who fondly remember the good old days of SportsCenter.  But just how well do you remember those days of yore?  Can you recall the many catchphrases that were iconic parts of yesteryear?  Can you distinguish past catchphrases from those used currently?  If you dare, take our Ultimate SportsCenter Catchphrase Quiz and see if you can match the anchor to the catchphrase.  Will you throw it down "with authority" or will you suffer from "the whiffffff"…..

1) Jumanji!

2) Can I get a witness from the congregation?

3) Let it three.

4) We have a developing…. situation.

5) And we're going to… oooooovertime.

6) Release, rotation, splash.

7) ONE run will score… TWO runs will score!

8) And we're playin the feud!

9) Guh!

10) Bring me the finest meats and cheeses throughout the land!

11) Yahtzee!

12) From way downtown… bang!

13) Go on with your bad self.

14) None shall pass!

15) With authority!

16) He's not my vydas, he's not your vydas, he's Arvydas.

17) Useful.

18) The Griffin and the tearing.

19) Get outta here and he means it!

20) Winner winner, chicken dinner.

21) Those who are late do not get fruit cup!

22) Bartender, jack!

23) You, you're not good.

24) Good!

25) It's on like Gronkey Kong.

How'd you do?  Was it the perfect show?  Let's check the answer key below…


1) Craig Kilborn, 2) Stuart Scott, 3) Jason Jackson, 4) Bill Pidto, 5) Dan Patrick, 6) Craig Kilborn, 7) Brian Kenny, 8) Rich Eisen, 9) Keith Olbermann, 10) Kenny Mayne, 11) Kenny Mayne, 12) Keith Olbermann, 13) Robin Roberts, 14) Trey Wingo, 15) Larry Beil, 16) Craig Kilborn, 17) Scott Van Pelt, 18) Robert Flores, 19) Steve Levy, 20) John Buccigross, 21) Rich Eisen, 22) Neil Everett, 23) Chris Myers, 24) Dan Patrick,  25) Rob Gronkowski

0-5 Correct Answers – NO SOUP FOR YOU!

6-10 Correct Answers – Rumblin, stumblin, bumblin…

11-15 Correct Answers – You see, what, what ha, happened was…

16-20 Correct Answers – Puts the biscuit in the basket

21-24 Correct Answers – En fuego

25 Correct Answers – That'd be a record or something

Leave your scores in the comments below…

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