Earlier this month @BizarroZaun produced one of the best internet parodies in sports with the video of Mike Francesa during the Revolutionary War talking up the British army and Lohwd Cohnwahlis.  Thanks to the success of the first video, it was only a matter of time until Mike traveled back in time to the Civil War.

While I think the first video is the better of the two, this is still tremendous.  It pictures Francesa at the Battle of Antietam (the single bloodiest day in the Civil War) predicting a small skirmish.  The naturally pro-Confederacy Sports Pope talks up the virtues of Robert E. Lee crossing into Maryland, King Cotton and his pal John Wilkes Booth.

The genius of this video is in its use of several Francesa memes including prank phone calls from Artie Lange fans, arguing with callers, Harriet Tubman as Al Alburquerque, A-Rod, Francesa's pattern of doing play by play over the radio, and even a falling out with Stonewall Jackson.  It's just a shame that Mathew Brady couldn't come on to fill the role of Michael O'Keeffe for the epic in-studio battle.


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