NBA free agency has began and SURPRISE SURPRISE the major story is "where will Dwight Howard go?"  Seems like we've been down this road a few times before, doesn't it?

In spite of getting swept out of the first round of the playoffs last season and having a season with as much staged drama as any disgusting Hollywood reality show, the Lakers are desperate to have Dwight Howard re-sign with the franchise.  With Kobe Bryant attempting a comeback from a devastating achilles injury and not getting any younger, building around Dwight Howard may be (gulp) the Lakers' best hope.

To entice Howard into re-signing, the Lakers are going above and beyond in the shameless flattery department by launching a #STAYD12 social media campaign.

The results are quite sad, actually…

Here's the big takeaway from all of this very public and very desperate campaigning…

YOU'RE THE LOS ANGELES &*!#ING BY GOD LAKERS!!  You're the franchise of Kareem, Jerry West, Magic, Elgin, Shaq, and Wilt.  Did you need billboards and lame photoshops to get their attention?  Of course not!  What are you doing?  Do you really think a hashtag is going to sway Dwight Howard one way or the other?  (On second thought, don't answer that last question.)

Why are you acting so sad and pathetic like you're the Charlotte Bobcats???

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