The 5-0 Denver Broncos have already been installed as 28 point favorites over the 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars next week in what will be the largest point spread (and biggest mismatch) in NFL history.  The Broncos may score 12 touchdowns before the Jaguars complete a forward pass.  It's going to be such a blowout, it'll make Ohio State vs Florida A&M look like an instant classic.  It should actually be pretty fun to watch.

After Peyton Manning and Denver's offense put up 51 points in Dallas on Sunday, the official Broncos Twitter account made note of just how impressive that is compared to next week's opponent.

With nothing to do but wallow in their own crapulence, the poor, poor, pooooooor Jaguars cried foul, bringing even more pity upon themselves… if that was even possible…

To which the Broncos replied that they were just sharing statistics, because math is power.

I can't wait to see what the Jaguars Twitter account is going to say after the Broncos put up 77 points in the first half next week.  Probably several tweets to @NFLCommish to beg for a mercy rule.

H/T SportsGrid