The NCAA has become a lucrative pinata for sports columnists, lawyers, pundits, bloggers, former student-athletes, school presidents, Jay Bilas, and now Comedy Central.  The Daily Show took their brand of snark, humor, and incisive commentary and blew up the NCAA's world like they were Brutus Buckeye coming over the middle of the field.

In just six minutes, The Daily Show and correspondent Aasif Mandvi perfectly captured the absurd hypocrisy and illogicality of the NCAA in interviews with Minnesota wrestler Joel Bauman and former UCLA basketball Ed O'Bannon.  SHOCKINGLY, the NCAA declined to comment on camera, further exposing them to a vicious roasting from the Daily Show…

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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In any other industry, in any other walk of life, in any other free society in the world, the NCAA could not fundamentally exist.  A $6 billion dollar entity that owns your name until you escape its clutches. If that doesn't make a mockery of the term "student-athlete" than nothing else will. Now that popular culture is turning its eyes to the unsustainable nature of the NCAA, it has to be only a matter of time before the structure of college athletics changes.

If the NCAA has lost Jon Stewart, it's lost the war.