When NBC Sports Network teamed Michelle Beadle with Dave Briggs to launch The Crossover, their hope was to duplicate the chemistry that had made Beadle a household name in the sports world alongside Colin Cowherd on SportsNation.  Their hope was that Briggs could become the perfect foil for Beadle and the two would make must see TV for the cable sports upstart.  

NBCSN's hopes evaporated almost immediately as it was apparent Beadle and Briggs had the chemistry of Connie Chung and Dan Rather.  Briggs was axed after just a few months and the show was completely revamped and focused around Beadle.  The split seemed good for everyone involved – Beadle got the sports show she wanted and Briggs recently resurfaced on Sports Dash with Carolyn Manno as his co-host.

When Briggs & Beadle parted ways, it was apparent the chemistry issues between the pair were not just an on screen phenomenon.  Today that was taken to a whole new level with Beadle blasting Briggs on Twitter for taking a shot at The Crossover's cancelation.

With The Crossover getting the knockout punch today, Briggs endorsed a tweet from a random parody account that said "Dats what she gets fur being a B ta my guy @davebriggsTV"

After seeing the exchange, Beadle not only posted a screenshot of the Briggs tweet herself, she didn't mince words in referencing her former co-host…

And you thought intracompany Twitter feuding was only a Bill Simmons thing!  God speed NBC Sports PR.  It'd be great if Beadle calling Briggs a "talentless hack" was a trending topic on Sports Dash tomorrow afternoon.  Now that would draw viewers to NBCSN!  Let's get on that, America.

Things are going to get really awkward at the next NBC Sports family picnic in Stamford, CT aren't they?

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