With college realignment becoming official across the country, we can officially welcome our new overlords from the American Athletic Conference.  In case you've forgotten, the 'Murican is the brand new conference filled with the realignment scraps that fell off the kitchen table.

In commemorating the birth of the 'Murican, new member UCONN published this hopeful graphic trying to convince themselves that their new home wasn't all that bad.  Of course, with the mind-boggling changeover in what kinda sorta used to be the Big East, maybe we can forgive UCONN for totally forgetting one of the new 'Murican members – UCF.


12 out of 13 ain't bad, right?  I mean, UCF probably forgot they belonged to the AAC themselves.

Not to be outdone, ESPN had their own snafu by getting back at UCONN in some bumbling way.  See anything wrong with this map?  Yea, that's the University of Connecticut shown as being in Massachusetts.  Also, Cincinnati is not in Chillicothe and pretty much every star here is geographically off kilter…


Finally, ESPN paid the ultimate sign of disrespect to the new conference – they deleted the former Big East College Football blog.

If you try to access the Big East blog hoping for coverage of the 'Murican, you'll be redirected to ESPN's College Football Nation blog.  No more BCS Conference status, no more blog.  Fans of AAC teams are fighting back though – they've completely taken over the comments sections on ESPN college football blogs, most notably their Stanford blog.  It's a good old fashioned commentariat revolution and now they're hitting the SEC blog's lunch links.

(Wait, ESPN.com has an entire blog dedicated to Stanford football?  Apparently they do.  Who knew!)

The #OccupyStanford movement has been trending on Twitter and an article on Phil Steele's Pac 12 picks has over 5,000 comments from angry AAC fans.  Comments like…

"ESPN punches puppies in the face,…….hard!"


"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my blog. Prepare to die!!"

"*Friendly Reminder* The after party is being held right now in the SEC blog. My bad, I mean AAC BLOG. #occupySEC"

ESPN does have a TV contract with the AAC and many fans of the 'Murican are wondering why that doesn't dictate a presence on their blog network alongside the likes of the Pac 12, SEC, Notre Dame, and… Stanford.  Where does this end?  Clearly it happens when the AAC meme has an intergalactic collision with the X > Tebow meme and ESPN.com ceases to exist.

images via Sporting News, CBS

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