I have no idea if this is real or fake, but it is a phenomenal video and deserves our love and admiration regardless.  A tennis announcer for a match between Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki took it upon himself to slide in as many Breaking Bad references as possible into the match.  Some are obvious (a chemistry teacher from New Mexico) and others are a bit more sly (having an A1 day).  The best one and the one that makes the most sense to the match itself may be quoting Walter White saying, "I'm not in danger, I am the danger."  Also, the reference to blowing up like Hector Salamanca and calling Saul Goodman bring back some good memories.  I miss Breaking Bad.

Now, it's true that Williams and Wozniacki did just play in Beijing on October 4th.  And, I found a couple tweets about a tennis announcer using Breaking Bad references… but that's all the information I have on this brilliant clip.  If you have anything else, pass it along in the comments.  Tread lightly, though.

UPDATE: It is real (and spectacular) and the announcer is Kevin Skinner.

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