Most preseason NFL games are televised in local broadcast markets around the country.  In many cases, these local networks will employ prominent ex-players from the franchise as analysts who you won't normally see during the year.  In Cleveland, this means fans get to enjoy one month out of the year with Bernie Kosar behind the mic.

To watch a preseason game with Bernie Kosar as an analyst is quite the trip.  You'll laugh, you'll scratch your head, you'll be stunned by his brutal honesty.  Thankfully, Kosar's health has improved in the last year, which maybe has given him a greater freedom to speak his mind.  

This highlight video from last night's Browns-Rams game starts slowly, but listen as Bernie rips the Rams receivers repeatedly, their playcalling, and especially backup quarterback Kellen Clemens.  Bernie Kosar does not like Kellen Clemens.  At all.

At least we've finally found one thing that makes watching NFL preseason games worthwhile.

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