Don't tell the folks at ESPN that Fox Sports 1 has all the fun!  Just watch how SportsCenter welcomed the national holiday that is Opening Day in the NFL this morning.  Their very own voiceover guy did NFL style introductions for anchors Kevin Negandhi and Sara Walsh, Herm Edwards, Adam Schefter, and Brian Dawkins.  There are so many highlights here, especially Adam Schefter doing his best Ray Lewis dance.

Then there was Walsh going for a high-ten when Negandhi would only give her a high-five.


Now check out the full video…

It's ridiculous, yes, but in a fun, campy sort of way.

Maybe if there's one good thing about Fox Sports 1's arrival, it's ESPN loosening up a little bit and having actual fun instead of dressing up Barry Melrose as Santa Clause and calling it "comedy."

I think ESPN is more excited for the NFL season to begin than NFL Network themselves.  ESPN is pretty much all NFL all the time nowadays (like most other networks), so they should be genuinely excited to have real games to talk about instead of make believe stories like Colin Kaepernick being the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Your move, Andy Roddick.

UPDATE: Both Walsh and Negandhi were good sports about the epic high-five mixup:

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