Fans of Speed are angry about the launch of Fox Sports 1. *Really* angry. Let's go ahead and ignore the final week of Speed ratings, where just one program drew more than 325,000 viewers (compared to eight for Fox Sports 1 during its first two days of launch on a weekend). Ignore the fact that on launch day, Fox Sports 1 aired six and a half hours of live NASCAR coverage. These Speed fans are pissed off and aren't going to stand for it anymore!

So in the interest of masochism, I decided to browse comment sections across the internet for some of the best comments from people angry about Speed disappearing. The results were stunning.

I was very sad when I learned that SPEED was being taken away from me but tried to give Fox Sport 1 a chance. They failed miserably…. they cut or cut in half all of the motorsports shows, failed to show crucial parts of a featured NASCAR race because they were in commercial break and never bothered to show a replay! That's a sports channel??? The talk shows are abhorent and all of the female "sportscasters" look like tranvestites ( no offense to transvestites. Please bring SPEED back!!!!! via Time

Fox 1 sports "SUCKS" we want Speed Channel back , More car racing , like the World of Outlaws ,NASCAR ,IHRA, NHRA .My Classic Car ,On the Edge ,Pinks reruns are better then what on Fox 1 . You lost this viewer & many more Not more football or boxing there are dozens of those channels via Time

Murdoch needs to drug test his people, it seems like he has some pot heads working for him. SPEED Channel was the best car channel out there. I want it back ! FOX 1 can sit on on the one and hope it flops. I agree that morons or if you want to call them idiot(s) are running FOX 1. I WANT THE SPEED CHANNEL BACK!!! via Time

what idiot decided we needed another stick and ball sport station? mma? boxing? you people are totally out of touch. speed was a car channel, the only car channel. here we are in the last 3 races before the chase , and who are you interviering? mike tyson.hopefully this channel will fail miserably and maybe we`ll get a car channel back. we don`t need more retired jocks and announcer wannabes telling us the same retread crap that we get fed on 100 other channels. if thats what we wanted we would watch those other 100 channels. please make an appt. with a proctologist and try just once to your head out of your ass! LEAVE SPEED ALONE !!!!!! via Time

I am a gearhead, Speed was a gearhead channel, Fox 1 is not. I want to turn on a channel that is about cars, trucks, boats, racing, or working on all of the above 24/7.. I DO NOT WANT my car channel to talk about soccer, football, tennis golf or any other non-motor related "sport". If you want a mix channel, fine, but put a all gear head channel on. I will boycott all Fox channels until you replace Speed with an all things gearhead. RIGHT KNOW, YOU SUCK, AND I AM PISSED via Time

what the He## you canceled speed channel what about the shows I watched on that channel……………….what did you do you morons… pass time …..pinks….etc ….just more stupid channels of football,basketball, that could be canceled…….only about 50 channels of that out there ……but FOX SPORTS LIVE…..only about 16 hours of that a day….wont be watching your stupid channel… your as bad as ESPN via Hollywood Reporter

The only reason i got cable was for the speed channel. If i wanted to watch ball games i would have gone another route. Fox, you made a big mistake. Us motorheads will ignor you. Thank God Discovery still has the Gas Monkey. The Discovery channel is what I'll watch instead of your stupid mistake for a sports channel. You have other channels that you can use for sports instead you ruin it for us by downing the speed channel. Good luck on your stupid excuse for a sports channel. via Hollywood Reporter

This sucks! I want my speed channel back. There are so many other channels for sports, why did fox have to ruin the only sports channel I watched. Who cares about football and soccer, I want my speed back. You just lost a viewer. via Hollywood Reporter

you suck. did you really need anther stick and ball channel? I thought cutting wind tunnel to 30 min. was bad enough but then to cancel it!! what other good car shows and motorsports shows are on the chopping block? who the hell is whatching ufc and soccer? And do you really need another group of hasbend atheletes arguing about steerodes? I have an idea, change the classic espn channels format. I can't believe anyone whatches that channel. this was a great channel with great programming. you are truly a bunch of idiots! car guys spend a lot more money on motorsports than most stick and ball sports fans. I can only hope you will change your minds, but I will not know because I will not be watching any espn channels! via Hollywood Reporter

we did not need another all live sports channel, not everyone watches sports, we want all the car shows back from speed and everything else it had on it, now what, where did all those shows go? this is crazy that corporations keep messing with everyones lives on what we have to watch and we still have to pay the price for it. via Hollywood Reporter

I don't care for baseball,basket,pool,kirling, or what, jockstrap laBraun wears.Speed is what I care about you've killed replace the Speed channel!!! via Hollywood Reporter

I think this new Fox 1 channel is horrible! They turned off Speed channel to put this trash on! It sucks! That was the last motorsport we had and now we have a ESPN 4 known as Fox 1! I use Baseball as a way to cure my Insomnia! I don’t want to watch it all day! Please change it back before I throw my tv out the window!!!!!!! via Variety

Oh, and just for the hell of it, here are some people who commented on a Variety article that really, really hate Crowd Goes Wild.

FOX SPORTS1 is just another EASTERN ELITIST network showing all event times as eastern, They also are streaming SOCCER scores ala ESPN. Good God!!!

I think the show is in need of Regis doing what he does best…. and that’s telling stories!!! No one in the history of the medium tells a story and the lead up better than Regis Philbin-the supporting players on this panel had nothing to contribute but frivolous commentary about today’s sports news stories-and some awkward moments ensued. Leave it to the master and let him have more commentary and show the newcomers how it’s done!!

Tuned it to see Regis, and was very disappointed in the rest of the panel as they dominated the show, especially Georgie (wow where did they find her?). Who are they…anyway? Let Regis tell his stories about ND, tennis, Valbella, The Yankees, The Bronx, etc., then have him draw a “map” on how he got to the show, etc. Keep Regis and have him be the anchor and be himself, then get a new panel, preferably someone we know.

This show sucked so bad,I was trying to keep open mind about Regis,( science I can’t stand the old frat stories,that never have anything to do with anything) but then the really anoying British voice made me want to throw a brick.the power button was pushed to. Off when gay began his turn,which now makes science why he should stick to words on papper and leave his mouth shut!!!!!!, and the live show replacing wind tunnel is best compaired to tally tubes on pot brownies,which leaves me to believe,someone at ESPN,received a New job and is butchering everything that was good with their dumb ass ideas of what sport news really should be. Get a team as great as race hub.and leave the grade school news casters ,to geust appearances,and go back to the good stuff.till then the only thing I like is race hub,and the rest of my sports will be viewed on kcra,or sat radio.

And hey, here's some "blistering" commentary about Fox Sports Live from the same comment section!

Honestly I would not be surprised if fox sports is pulled off after some months. They are showing mike tyson live…im mean r u serious? Andy roddick and gary payton look and sound stupid. Andy roddick said that its bad Kirk Cousins went down because washington was unable to showcase him because they may want to trade him… Really Andy? Did you see Rg3 get a nasty knee injury and that he is prone to injury because he is a running QB. SO GUESS Andy, Washington needs a top notch back up…so they r not trading cousins.

Fox sports one is so bad its sad. Anchors who are not funny and if I hear Donovan McNabb talk anymore im going to scream. The panel idea is an absolute joke. The people on the panel who know nothing about other sports except the ones they play. I am not a huge ESPN fan either…but Fox Sports makes you appreciate ESPN a little more.

I mean, I understand that people might not like the network that has been around for all of six days, but the main complaint seems to be "this is different and I don't like things being different!"

If you ask these commenters what they're looking for in an ESPN alternative, I don't even think they'd be able to form a cogent thought. No matter what Fox did with Fox Sports 1, there would be segments of people that would be irritated. They seem to be catering to both the smart sports fan and the casual sports fan and the same time, and all that's doing is driving both sides away. It'll be interesting to see their strategy going forward.

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