Last Thursday, I compiled some of the best comments written across the Internet by fans of Speed, the network that was shuttered and turned into Fox Sports 1 two weeks ago. Since that post, Speed fans haven't quieted down, obliterating our comment sections on nearly every post about Fox Sports 1 to rant about how much they hate Fox Sports 1 and miss Speed.

And honestly, for all of the griping, I'm actually beginning to understand the rage of Speed fans. After all, six years ago, I was pretty devastated when Nickelodeon took their Games and Sports network behind the barn and replaced it with The N (whatever the hell that it), and later, TeenNick. All I wanted was my reruns of Legends of the Hidden Temple and Guts, just like Speed fans just want their litany of reality shows that they couldn't see anywhere else.

And for what it's worth, they may have a point. Fox Sports 1's viewership totals are behind Speed's in the network's first two weeks. Without any further ado, here's the second edition of "Speed fans hate Fox Sports 1", exclusively containing comments from Awful Announcing. As always, all comments are unedited.

Who in the world decided to take speed off the air my god another sports program channel really no speed channel come on this sucks now what I can watch chopped but nothing about cars which is a large industry you have gear heads every where that watched speed n all the shows including Barret -Jackson action . also gearz and all the other shows like pinks and motorcycle racing this sucks from user 1968camaross

Where the MFH did my Gearz go. Who is the low intelligence moron who eliminated the Speed Channel. I have been looking for a reason to tear that GD dish off my home and I think I am going to cancel the whole shebang, throw out the GD Dish, put up an antennae and suck in the FREE channels in the SFBA. I'll just build on my blue ray collection and start a Netflix account! I am sick and tired of these morons who think they know better than the American TV Watching public. First it was my Star Trek, then Cnet, now Current TV for some bunch of Newsy Towel Head Loving FREAKS. NOW they think they can just cancel my Gearhead Programming and I'm just gonna let them roll over he. Good by DirtecTV!?!  from user BigPaul

What Fox Sports needs is a Colonoscopy to see where your brain is. Who are the morons that cancelled SPEED CHANNEL, and replaced it with 'nothing worth my time', or millions of "motorheads" who live for our 'CARS' and the sports we prefer. I will refuse to watch fox sports, until you bring back our SPEED CHANNEL. You really lost it and the millons you once had. from user Ray240z

What a stupid mistake, dropping Speed, and starting Fox Sports 1. I don't watch ESPN, because I don't care about Hockey, Speed Skating, Football, Etc. Speed was on whenever I am in the garage working, which is probably 7 hours a day. I miss all the good auto, and racing oriented shows. Shame on FOX. I am another person who won't watch any of the Fox channels now. BRING BACK SPEED. from user Pat50

I'm done. So irritated in West Virginia, another football channel??? Come on!! I contacted my local service provider and turned in disconnection notice. So disappointed in FOX and refusing to support any of their affiliates. I will use my time at local car and racing events with the money I would have paid cable. I'm refusing to support any sponsor affiliated with that stupid new FOX SPorts 1 boring…… from user stanleyzorro

All of my car shows, car repair shows, collector car shows are gone. Not on the air anymore. No more Stacy doing donuts in a Year One Bandit Trans Am, or climbing mountain trails in some crazy 4X4 that he just welded together. NO, Just another ESPN Wannabee Channel sadly similar to how Comcast destroyed Versus with my fishing and hunting shows. Now both of those lame ass channels are playing European Soccer games instead. Seriously. Fox and Comcast can both go screw themselves. from user dariuszsite

Fox Sports has the effect of video morphine, without the fun. I got DISH primarily for SPEED TV, TCM and the History Channels secondly.

I'm thinking of pulling the plug on DISH because SPEED is no longer available. I'm not crazy about paying for sports channels I don't want to watch. I'm NOT into the usual jock sports and can live without DISH, if there is no SPEED.

It's difficult to stomach Fox at times, this is one of those times. Fox Sports SUCKS! from user williekiote

I am still a more than a little irate over the "replacing" of the Speed Channel by Fox1, this morning I conducted a survey of my own by going through the menu guide for a full week, from 6:00 this morning thru 6:00 next Monday morning, I came up with a total of 13 hrs. of Motorsports programming. Pardon my language, but this is exquisite BULLSHIT, that's less than 8% of air time devoted to Motorsports, pitifully little for a channel that's supposedly replacing the Speed Channel.Cloyd Moody from user cloydmoody

speed how could you do this to your loyal fans? tuned in for race news and all I heard was football, baseball,fights (not the ones on the track) etc. you look at the listings of topics and its like nascar got an honorable mention in the "OTHER" column. Motor sports is the ONLY sport that will ban you for life if you fail a substance abuse test. Now we have to get our small amount of coverage and we have to hear stories glorifying substance abusers (players in all the other sports) wife beaters, murders (both by hand and cars i.e. drunken driving) etc. Guess you didn't want to keep me as a viewer. from user Peaches114

We paid extra on our cable to get the Speed channel. We'll be cancelling that until Speed returns to normal. FS1 should be cancelled!!!! from user 20Jacks

i don't think its potheads i think its selfish greed and corruption of our fcc through the 4 main networks who buy and sell our country, politicians and for that matter us everyday…the speed channel to represents freedom….why because you have people out wasting time and money risking life and limb with no point to it other than to be the best at it…..yes i love every wasted minute of it….most people who criticize racing have never been to an actual race and if you go to a real racing league e.g. indy, nascar, ama, nhra etc you know what i am talking about….it is fing awesome and just because us freedom loving americans like to have fun they have infiltrated the very core and commercialized to the point of ruining the real common cord that speed channel represented because the speed channel showed the no money small racing that the corporate world rules as unimportant to generating big dollars….the networks buy out small tracks wreck them and build condos on them in other words…..really sucks to see this happen… i want to pay an extra fee to watch cbs sports that when i was a kid was free with the 12 channels we had then…i have 200 plus and what does fox sports 1 show….local high school football games that are couple of miles from my home…if i wanted to watch a high school football game i would just go what i can see it live for real for $5…..i want to watch formula 1 racing sorry not anymore you get to watch high school sports reruns…..worst thing is my little 1 1/2 your points at the set and wants me to put the speed channel on so he can watch racing instead of cartoons and i tell him its no more and he throws a tantrum……so maybe that's what i am doing here….i am an angry speed channel fan who is sick of every sports channel having high school football on…..i just looked at espn yep high school football….

there is no doubt in my mind that whoever at fox calls the shots does not like motor sports and has done this due to the money and power of the corporate conglomerate that fox is….fox is about pretty dumb women who don't like anything that is not gender biased male programming….I am sorry I am a man who likes pointless gas guzzling racing involving crashes and other testosterone based sports without any female presence other than a pretty sprint girl smiling at the end….yep I am a male chauvinistic pig and proud of it when it comes to my motorsports! FOX SPORTS REALLY SUCKS! from user coolzeezee808

I think the person behind the end of The Speed Channel should lose the job he or she has. If I want sports news I can watch local channels. Fox1 is not worth paying more for cable each month from user DB13

Please, Please, Please, bring back the speed channel or build another motorsports network, there are plenty of chnnels for kickboxing, soocer,football,basketball, and other games where men are playing with balls…. from user bjms21

Who needs a sports show with Regis Philbin???? I find that this new sports network doesn't give NASCAR anytime. They have cut Race Hub from an hour 4 days a week to an half hour a few nights a week!!!! Fox sport1 needs help a lot!!!! from user Memeof07

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