During March Madness, there was talk of Sir Charles Barkley joining Twitter as part of a larger, sponsored, ad campaign with Capital One. Well, we’re glad that never happened because someone else would have likely tweeted for him and we don’t want Barkley on Twitter if we can’t have Barkley on Twitter. Or something.

Anyway, yesterday during an interview on CNBC, Barkley once again explained why he would never join the site. Via USA Today:

I love that he basically says he will not pander to the trolls. Barkley does have a point, though: half the people will love what he says and the other half will hate it, and it makes no sense to him to put himself in that line of fire. Were he ever to cave and join, we know his tweets would be amazing, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.

[FTW USA Today]

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