Saturday Night Live has gotten more and more conducive to sports-related impressions and jokes in recent years, especially since Jay Pharoah joined the cast. He's impersonated Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Tony Dungy and Kenny Smith on the show. In this week's episode, he and fellow cast member Kenan Thompson performed an Inside the NBA extravaganza.

Thompson brought back his impression of Charles Barkley, while Pharoah unleashed a cross-eyed, nonsensical version of his TNT cohort, Shaquille O'Neal. The results… are something else. 

Pharoah's Shaq is beyond insane, but Kenan's Chuck impression is underrated. It kind of isn't even an impression anymore, just this bizarre alternate reality version of Charles Barkley. SNL had a pretty solid episode overall last night, with this Barkley/Shaq duo ending up one of the highlights. 

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