One day soon they will make t-shirts that read "I survived the Giants-Vikings Monday Night Football game."  Everyone at ESPN who actually had to cover this debacle earned their paycheck tonight, especially the men who called the game (Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden) and the ones tasked with the "highlights" (Scott Van Pelt and Steve Levy)… and that is a term used very loosely.

SVP and Levy had fun with Giants-Vikings, openly making fun of how bad the game was and the difficulty of their job to try to maintain whatever viewership was left.  This included spotlighting Jared Allen sacking Eli Manning by reaching around a Giants lineman.  While that may be good for a few giggles, Levy made sure we were all on the same page by dryly repeating the word "reacharound."

Most of us at home resorted to humor to help us cope tonight, too.  The only thing that would have made this clip better would be Levy's use of the word "bulging."

H/T seanmhussey