Apparently, last night the SyFy channel showed some sort of poor man's Jaws, Sharknado. I mean, I didn't watch it, but I assumed it was Emmy worthy because it was starring one Ian Ziering. However, it was apparently a disaster. Yes, an even bigger disaster than Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick.

#Sharknado was trending on Twitter pretty quickly, and ESPN took it upon themselves to ask the San Jose Sharks if they'd consider changing their name.

Whoever runs the Sharks Twitter handle is a genius. It is a valid question by the Sharks, considering ESPN's idea of NHL highlights is showing clips of Justin Bieber and LeBron James bandwagon hopping.

The San Jose Sharks have won the internet today, so you can all feel free to start happy hour early.

Thanks to Twitter user @GabePride for the screenshot.


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