Yesterday a potential frontrunner for Media Feud of the Year began in earnest with Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason of WFAN in New York trading blows with ESPN's Keith Olbermann.  The action included Carton & Esiason calling Olbermann a bully as well as pulling Chris Berman into the mix.  For his part, KO used his nationally televised ESPN2 show to demolish Boomer & Carton as well as fire some delightful arrows in the direction of Mike Francesa.

With the personalities and egos involved, you knew it wasn't going to stop there.  After some mild skirmishing on Twitter, Carton and Olbermann came head to head last night for a mini-Twitter War…

While that was pretty good theater for a short conflcit, I'm very disappointed in Olbermann's tactics.  His refusal to reply directly to Carton and cut off his tweets instead of directly replying makes it much more difficult for fight fans to follow along.  It's a bold strategy, yes.  There's an air of self-confidence and arrogance to anyone who always puts their Twitter replies out there for all the world to see on their timeline.  But like any beat writer that uses Sulia and needs those extra characters to tell us about a third down incompletion, using links on Twitter disrupts the flow.

Besides, neither Olbermann or Carton really landed a defining blow.  This response to another tweeter from Olby bringing $$$ into the equation may have been the most powerful salvo…


It continued again on ESPNEWS with Olbermann taking time out of his Worst Persons segment to once again call out the WFAN morning hosts, this time using brutal sarcasm and humor for the takedown.

Wonderful.  That snipe is enough to give this round to Olbermann and square it up at one round a piece.  Keep in mind though that the WFAN side still has the sports pope resting his eyes in their corner.  Once Francesa is awakened this feud will get kicked up even a few more notches.

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