As an MMA fan, I can tell you that there's this feeling of betrayal whenever a fighter talks about retiring young rather than get their head smashed in for years. When the fighter in question is an attractive female that leaves fighting for another profession, those feelings increase tenfold. Thus, we have the case of Ronda Rousey, the UFC women's bantamweight champion who said she thinks that she has two years left in MMA, earning much scorn from MMA fans that have already seen Gina Carano and Randy Couture (among others) leave MMA for careers in Hollywood.

On Saturday morning, Rousey lost it on Twitter, and to be honest, her points were pretty well-stated.

Hey, good for you, Ronda. She's a superstar and one of the biggest draws in the UFC, but the fact that she's thinking clearly about life after fighting shows that she's not just your typical dumb jock who's going to go out there and put her well-being on the line for the adoration of fans. What would Rousey have to gain from an extra ten years of fighting aside from brain damage, aches, and pains? Instead of being shamed, she should be lauded for her comments. Of course, it never really works that way in the MMA world.

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