I know many of you are suffering from Ron Burgundy overload with Will Ferrell seemingly everywhere under the sun in the past couple weeks.  I get that.  The man has a movie to promote (and the ferocity of said promotion makes me worried Anchorman 2 might not quite live up to the lofty heights of its predecessor), but he's been literally everywhere.  Well, except for SportsCenter, who made the prescient decision to cancel his appearance ahead of the Jameis Winston news and as it turns out, Nelson Mandela's passing.

Burgundy/Ferrell did make his scheduled appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday morning before the Winston news broke in the afternoon in a bit of fortunate timing for the program.  The highlight of the two hour appearance was Burgundy reenacting some of the greatest announcing calls of all-time.  The "call" of Doug Flutie's hail mary is particularly funny, almost Anchorman I quality.     

[Dan Patrick Show]

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