All year long, CNN host, Arsenal supporter, and former Fox Soccer contributor Piers Morgan has whined, complained, griping, grumbling, and crying about Arsenal selling star striker Robin Van Persie to rivals Manchester United.  As one would expect, RVP was a key figure in United winning the title once again.  In fact, he led the league with 26 goals this season.  In between his ranting at Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal borad, Morgan took repeated shots throughout the year at the man he dubbed "Van Pursestrings."  A brief selection from the season…

Morgan's tweets became quite the entertaining sideshow throughout the season as some players (like Man United's Rio Ferdinand) even taunted him on Twitter with the hashtag #Tears4Piers becoming something of an established trend.  

Finally, the man at the center of it all – Robin Van Persie, got his jab in at the melodramatic host of Piers Morgan Live.  RVP sent Morgan a signed photograph of himself kissing the Premier League trophy.

Well played Mr. Van Persie, well played.

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