On Friday's episode of First Take, ESPN football analyst Robert Smith was on the program discussing his battle with alcoholism with Cari Champion, Stephen A Smith, and Skip Bayless. It was quite possibly the best segment in the history of the show. There were no silly debates, no ridiculous proclamations, and no grandstanding – just a brutally honest account of his struggles by Robert Smith.

The appearance by Robert Smith was spurred by Aldon Smith being activated by the 49ers after being released from treatment for alcoholism. The First Take crew didn't get up in arms about the situation and try to bash anyone – they just had an honest discussion about what Aldon Smith would be facing going forward with his battle.


Kudos to Robert Smith for being so candid and forthcoming, kudos to the First Take producers letting this happen, and kudos to Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless for not embracing debate and turning a serious topic into a wreck.

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