It hasn't been a good run lately for the Titans and their fans. Tennessee hasn't made the playoffs since 2008, and they've gone through a revolving door of quarterbacks since the departure of Steve McNair in 2005 (including the incredibly frustrating Vince Young era).

On Friday, with Titans tickets set to go on sale later that morning, WKRN sent a reporter to LP Field to survey the scene, and reporter Stephanie Langston found that just one fan had spent the night camped out for tickets: a man named David Cline. After Langston woke him up, Cline said that his camping out has been a tradition for him for years, and that he still does it because he doesn't have a credit card to buy tickets online.

This is such a sad state of affairs. This poor guy just wants to buy his ticket to the 49ers-Titans game in October, and he wants it so much that he'll camp out at the stadium the morning before tickets go on sale. In previous years, there was probably a massive camp of people waiting to buy tickets. This year, it was just Cline. Poor guy must have been so lonely all day Thursday. Hopefully he got a good seat.


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