Poor Regis Philbin. We know he's 81 so he can be forgiven for any lapses of short term memory or having a "Senior Moment" as some people like to call it. 

During an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday, Reege was doing the old publicity thing for his new Fox Sports 1 show, "Crowd Goes W!ld" (can't forget the exclamation point in place of the 'i' otherwise Fox Sports will e-mail us). David asked Regis to tell the viewing audience who will be joining him on the new show. If you need to know, the answer is right here. This is where Regis started to have some problems in answering Dave.


The exchange went like this: 

Letterman: Who else is on the show?
Regis: We got uh.. uh… a great big defensive end…. who uh… 14 years in the NFL… two Super Bowl games … his name is uh….(laughter) … I know the guy! I just spent the weekend with him! Uh…. Travis … uh… Honest to God! This is really embarrassing! (asks to Fox Sports PR person off camera) What is it?
Fox Sports PR person off camera: Pryce.
Regis: Yes! Travis Pryce! 
Fox Sports PR person off camera: TREVOR!

Oh Regis. 

He has until August 19 to get the names of his cast down pat or we'll get moments like we saw with Dave, "What's your name again? Katya? Oh, Katie!"

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