The Jacksonville Jaguars are planning on building scoreboards the size of a medium sized apartment building for Everbank Field that would rival Jerry Jones' plaything in Dallas.  With such a huge videoboard, one immediately wonders what kind of highlights the Jags might show besides Blaine Gabbert overthrowing his receivers by 10 yards.

Jags president Mark Lamping told SBJ the franchise may be planning something revolutionary for their new videoboards – playing the NFL's highly successful RedZone Channel inside the stadium.

"We know this would be welcomed by the large portion of our fans who are transplants to Jacksonville, as well as all fantasy football enthusiasts."

This would be an extraordinary step to have RedZone streaming live in an NFL stadium.  The concept is intriguing, but I'm not sure how it would affect the stadium experience.  Would action from other games just be shown silently in the videoboard background while play takes place in front of fans on the field?  During the endless array of timeouts during an NFL game, the RedZone stream would be huge for fans in the stadium… but what about when there's a real live football game happening in front of them?

Huge videoboards and RedZone channels are just more gimmicks the NFL is attempting to get butts in seats.  Make no mistake, the RedZone channels are a huge draw for football fans and have revolutionized the way American sports fans enjoy their Sunday afternoons.  As the home viewing experience improves and soaring costs price fans out of going to the stadium, the NFL is trying everything to get fans back in the stadium and off their couches.  Even if it means airing games from other stadiums.

Are we looking at a future where fans go to an entirely virtual stadium and games from around the league are shown in giant larger than life holograms that may gain the ability to become self-aware and run amok destroying cities across America?  It's likely.  But that's a few years away.

[Big Cat Country via SBJ]

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