Fight songs are normally reserved for college football, but there are a few professional sides with notable songs dedicated to the team.  Ok, maybe there's only three.  You have "Bear Down" for the Chicago Bears, "Fly Eagles Fly" for the Philadelphia Eagles, and "Hail to the Redskins" for the Washington Redskins.

After a Washington touchdown in Sunday's Bears-Redskins game, the local Redskins radio telecast on ESPN 980 took it upon themselves to sing the fight song in celebration after a score.  That's some kind of unique response from the home announcers.  Not even Hawk Harrelson will sing White Sox songs in the broadcast booth!

The most unbelievable thing about this audio soundbyte?  The Redskins announcers – Larry Michael, Chris Cooley and Sonny Jurgensen – actually sound pretty good!

Audio via DC Sports Bog