You may have missed it what with Game 1 of the NBA Finals and Game 4 of the NHL's Western Conference Finals, but Major League Baseball held their draft Thursday night with coverage on MLB Network.  Of course, you may have also missed it because the immediate relevance of the MLB Draft compared to its NFL, NBA, and even NHL brethren is nil.  It takes a hugely dedicated baseball fan to truly grasp the context of each pick and how they may potentially fit into the structure of a franchise.

The MLB Draft is a night for the hardcore baseball fan.

The hardcore baseball fan does not like Harold Reynolds.

Fans are smart enough to figure out when an analyst is in over his head or out of his depth.  Reynolds' relationship with the online baseball community is already icy at best.  The whole reason Reynolds is on MLB Network's debate show MLB Now is to argue against Brian Kenny's more sabermetric, information-oriented viewpoint.  To throw him onto MLB Draft coverage when it demands an insanely wide depth of knowledge and information and speaks moreso to an already adversarial audience is just asking for a trainwreck.  And a trainwreck is what those baseball fans got.

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