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We've featured Dick Stockton numerous times on this site, even naming the NFL version of the Pammies after the longtime announcer.  There's no questioning Stockton's great career in broadcasting, but it's still a little puzzling to think multiple networks are still employing him to broadcast postseason games in 2013.  It's like the audio version of seeing Willie Mays with the Mets.  During last night's Pirates-Cardinals Game 5, a deciding game in the series, many fans were vocal on Twitter wondering if Stockton was watching the same game.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

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Real Tweets From Real People – Dick Stockton


The coverage of postseason baseball on TBS has seen some improvements this year.  John Smoltz has been a standout analyst with his ability to predict the future and quote Dumb & Dumber.  Talented play by play men like Brian Anderson and Victor Rojas are getting a chance to shine on the national stage.  Joe Simpson and Bob Brenly are solid analysts as well.  However, there are still some elements of TBS’s MLB coverage that leaves viewers with a massive headache.  Their astonishing ability to ram one annoying thing down your throat is truly mystifying.  Now, WRITTEN IN THE STARS can join Frank TV and Dane Cook in MLB postseason infamy.  However, it is the announcing assignment of Dick Stockton that has perhaps drawn the most ire from fans.  Stockton was once a top announcer.  Nobody questions that fact.  However, it’s 2011 and not 1986.  Dick Stockton just doesn’t have a clue anymore, as noted by scores of observant fans on Twitter.  The good news for me personally is Dick will also be announcing this week’s Saints game.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

whygavs  “The Phillies squeeze in a run here. Not with a squeeze, but with a pitch getting away.” Dick Stockton, everyone.
dennisdoddcbs  Dick Stockton is the worst play-by-play guy ever. Lazy. Basic. Colorless. MLB/TBS went safe route.
ericsjarinko  #AwfulAnnouncing Dick Stockton “LaRussa gets a birthday present a day late w/ this win.” That means he got a loss on his birthday
RoadtoHomePlate  Dick Stockton almost called them the Sillies. Appropriate.
AnthonyAdams33  I feel like I owe it to my country to become a sports broadcaster so that one day the sports world will be free of morons like dick stockton

   Dick Stockton always sounds lost in his broadcast. ‘And a good pitch from Hunter Pence’
anthonyfarnon  Im convinced dick Stockton did the play by play for the discovery of fire
FuquaManuel  Dick Stockton doesn’t know what planet he’s on
bobbyd1222  @awfulannouncing Dick Stockton, for the second time, has claimed David Freese’s hand injury occurred in BP. Wrong…he was HBP.
SpoontownUSA  The worst part about this is one more game of Dick Stockton.
heyyysarahhh  dick stockton has to be the most annoying broadcaster in baseball.. i though joe buck was bad but geez.
Josh_Lezon  Dick Stockton just said fouled down the 1st baseline when it was clearly down the 3rd #yousuck
TheMightyEROCK  Dick Stockton should strongly consider killing that squirrel and putting it on his head
clintonyates  “I like ‘varmints’ over the word ‘vermin’ to tell you the truth.” — Dick Stockton

IronyNOW  It’s a shame that Dick Stockton gets more excited about squirrels than anything happening in the baseball game.
phuturephillies  If there is ever an alien invasion, my top 2 choices to commentate the event are Gus Johnson and Dick Stockton
TweetaSkalina  Evidently Dick Stockton cannot count.
CleverBaseblog  Does anyone else think Dick Stockton just always sounds like he has a mouthful of pennies?
jsharp23  Dick Stockton just said Victorino committed an era. Must’ve been a long play. @AwfulAnnouncing
nbaliva  @awfulannouncing show list of MVPs with Howard, Rollins and Pujols. Stockton says 2 of them are in our game today. #facepalm
AdamStBear@awfulannouncing  You can’t take a minute off with Stockton on air. The guy’s a goldmine.
TheFanManifesto @awfulannouncing  Stockton should be on the AA Rushmore. Time to right the wrong.


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Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.