Back in the olden days when I was a younger man and a faithful reader of Awful Announcing, one of my favorite series of posts at AA 1.0 were the goal calls of Florida Panthers radio announcer Randy Moller.  A former NHL player, Moller had the most unique goal calls in the league, shouting random pop culture references after every Panthers goal.  Here's the original compilation from 2009…

Then for a long time nothing happened.  There were no more new goal compilations from Moller, heck, I didn't even know if he was still working in the league or even alive.

The good news is Randy Moller is still very much alive and remains the voice of the Panthers.  And thanks to the folks at WQAM in Miami, we have Randy Moller's Top 5 Goal Calls from October raining down like manna from the heavens.  While it's not quite as extensive as past editions, it still includes quotes from Jay Z, Anchorman, and Willy Wonka…

Fantastic.  It feels great to have this man back in my life after so long.  Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, Randy Moller is back!

[CBS Sports]

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