Championship Week is inching closer and viral buzzer beaters are becoming all the rage.  Somehow, this clip has remained in the furthest regions of the interwebs for the better part of this week, but hopefully that will change soon.  It comes from last week's ACAA semifinal between Holland College and Mount Saint Vincent.  Watch as Prince Edward Island's Holland makes two 3 pointers down 5 with less than 15 seconds left in the game.

Then listen as the two announcers become so excited over what's transpiring that their words become unintelligible screams of jubilation.  My favorite part of the video is the announcers being so excited and pumped up for the first banked in 3 that they almost miss the second one, that and you can actually see their reactions commentating from the terrace.  The miraculous series of events was summed up tremendously, "If you're a Hurricanes fan watching right now, you… were… treated… to… a treat!"

Holland went on to win their first ACAA championship, which surely must have been another treat for Hurricanes fans.

H/T gecarragher

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