Nyjer Morgan is one of the more eccentric athletes to ever step foot onto a baseball diamond.  His bizarre antics include fights, suspensions, obscenities, alter egos, slapstick comedy, and pretty much everything in between.  Morgan's oddball behavior has now fully blossomed on his Twitter page, where he appeared to admit to cheating on his girlfriend before claiming to be hacked.  Here's the T Plush meltdown in all its glory…

"Morgan" (I use quotes because God only knows who was actually accessing his Twitter at this point) then changed his profile pic and background to pay tribute to the girlfriend he cheated on and "left in the streets"…

Don't worry, we're far from being done with this trip to Crazytown.  As traditionally happens in these situations, "Morgan" later sent a tweet claiming he was hacked.  Big deal, we've seen that before, right?  Well, this being the alternate ego of a lunatic baseball player, it's never that easy.  "Morgan" also tweeted Yahoo's Dave Brown saying his account wasn't hacked and it was indeed his girlfriend calling him out.

"T Plush" then deleted that tweet and posted another message saying he was hacked:

At this point, the most logical explanation has to be Morgan's girlfriend accessing the T Plush Twitter account and posting those messages.  Then again, maybe it's more logical to think that Nyjer Morgan hacked his own Twitter account.

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