The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Denver Broncos in a classic double overtime playoff game Saturday.  While the dramatic defeat was a tough one to swallow for the Denver faithful, it was Nuggets analyst and Denver sports talk host Scott Hastings who seemed to have the toughest time accepting it.  Throughout the game, Hastings sent some very strange, horribly misspelled, and at times nonsensical tweets about what was happening.  Looking back through his timeline, Hastings has one of the more… well… unique Twitter pages we've encountered.  Hastings has tweeted about everything from MMMbop to calling out Blake Griffin to whatever this is.  

Saturday, that uniqueness was taken to a new level.  Although it's seriously hard to understand any of Hastings' tweets, the general message conveyed is Roger Goodell fixing the game in the favor of the Baltimore Ravens in some sort of grand conspiracy.  Hastings says the NFL commish should be investigated, throws out the word "cheat" multiple times, calls the NFL sketchy, and even asks who has the bigger market to prove his point.  Hastings also laments the "vag" of Broncos coach John Fox taking over the game.  Eep.  Be forewarned, you may develop a migraine trying to read these tweets…

Good Lord.  Couldn't someone have taken his phone away about 20 tweets into that?  Encourage him to sit the next tweet out?  And if all that wasn't enough, Hastings also called CBS's Boomer Esiason a "vag."  How endearing.

In spite of several people asking if Hastings was drunk tweeting, the Nuggets announcer claimed to be sober, just without his glasses.  Ooook.  Let's take that and the spelling and grammar of these tweets that barely qualify as the English language out of the equation.  Let's even move beyond Hastings unfortunately using the word "vag" to publicly diss fellow television personalities and coaches.

Who in their right mind could possibly believe the NFL would fix a playoff game against Peyton Manning and in favor of Joe Flacco!  Not even the biggest Denver Broncos homer in the known universe could be convinced into thinking such a thing would have the slightest possibility of being conceivable!  Rigging a game to knock one of the biggest stars in NFL history out of the playoffs?  Please!  Hastings should save his conspiracy theories for his Nuggets broadcasts, where they might make a bit more sense.