Here's your weekly look at NFL ratings, which shows the pure dominance of the league from a local and national level.


Fox continues to triumph over CBS before the opening kick. Fox NFL Sunday topped The NFL Today by a tally of 3.3 to 2.6. Fox has beaten CBS in the pregame battle all seven weeks this season.

Fox (Regional Window)

Fox had a pretty lousy regional slate on Sunday, led by Cowboys-Eagles and Bears-Redskins, with a lot of markets (including New York) stuck with a late 49ers-Titans game. The network drew an 11.8 overnight, down seven percent from last season's 12.8. That window was led by RGIII's coming out party against Eli and the then division-leading Giants. How times change.

Top 10 local markets for Fox's regional window

Market Game Rating
1. Philadelphia Dallas vs. Philadelphia 29.9/59
2. Chicago Chicago vs. Washington 29.3/60
3. Washington Chicago vs. Washington 25.5/53
4. Dallas Dallas vs. Philadelphia 25.4/54
5. Charlotte St. Louis vs. Carolina 24.2/48
6. Nashville San Francisco vs. Tennessee 23.4/39
7. San Antonio Dallas vs. Philadelphia 20.2/44
8. Sacramento San Francisco vs. Tennessee 18.6/40
9. Atlanta Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay 17.4/37
10. Milwaukee Chicago vs. Washington 17.3/35

CBS (1 p.m. ET Window) 

The Eye Network showed massive improvements in the early window, with a slate led by  a controversial Patriots-Jets OT thriller leading CBS to a a 10.7 overnight, up 48 percent from last year's lackluster 7.2 in the window. New York and other large markets were blacked out of a slate led by Texans-Ravens and Colts-Browns. 

Top 10 local markets for CBS' 1 p.m. ET window

Market Game Rating
1. Buffalo Buffalo vs. Miami 36.0/64
2. Cincinnati Cincinnati vs. Detroit 34.3/58
3. Boston New England vs. NY Jets 31.2/64
4. Providence New England vs. NY Jets 26.1/48
5. Dayton Cincinnati vs. Detroit 25.3/45
6. Detroit Cincinnati vs Detroit 24.6/51
7. San Diego San Diego vs. Jacksonville 22.1/51
8. Miami Buffalo vs. Miami 18.1/40
9. Nashville New England vs. NY Jets 17.2/32
10. Jacksonville San Diego vs. Jacksonville 17.0/33

CBS ("America's Game of the Week" Window)

CBS had a really good slate in this window, but kind of got caught valuing old rivalries over new. The network sent more of the country to a dull a Ravens-Steelers game (43%) than the 7-0 Chiefs taking on the moribund Texans (38%). There was also a Browns-Packers game mixed in there that drew pretty well locally. However, CBS finished with a 15.2 overnight, down six percent from last year's Jets-Patriots OT game leading this window.

Top 10 local markets for CBS' 4:25 p.m. ET window

Market Game Rating
1. Kansas City Houston vs. Kansas City 48.2/73
2. Milwaukee Cleveland vs. Green Bay 42.2/69
3. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh 41.0/65
4. Baltimore Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh 35.8/59
5. Houston Houston vs. Kansas City 27.4/53
6. Cleveland Cleveland vs. Green Bay 26.4/48
7. Denver Houston vs. Kansas City 22.0/45
8. Dayton Cleveland vs. Green Bay 21.8/36
9. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Green Bay 21.4/36
10. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh 19.6/33

NBC (Sunday Night Football)

NBC got what they wanted with Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis. The somewhat close, but always entertaining game drew a 17.3 overnight. Not only was that up 47 percent from Steelers-Bengals last year, it was the fourth-highest overnight ever for SNF on NBC. It was also the highest-rated October game in primetime since 1998. Good news for the Peacock after several weeks of down ratings.

Market Rating
1. Denver 49.6/71
2. Indianapolis 49.1/71
3. Kansas City 26.7/42
4. New Orleans 26.1/36
5. Albuquerque 25.1/37
6. Las Vegas 23.7/37
7. Sacramento 22.2/35
8. San Diego 22.0/37
9. Richmond 22.0/33
10. Nashville 21.8/31


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